About us

eDekho is product of Econoxy Solutions.

Specially created for Offline/WhatsApp sellers.


who we are

We are bunch of insane people, who deliver sane results !

We bring a wide variety of skills to the technological desk, from augmented & virtual reality, through to websites, e-commerce and customized software.
We are a genuine, smart-working, team and we do what we do with tenacity and a smile. Give us a challenge and we’ll prove our worth!

our history

We seeded econoxy in 2013 with a simple purpose to calculate carbon footprints for Indian market. So we started meeting people and gathering data for our product, which led us to startling information !
Few of our clients were excited to leverage Information Technology, but were either over charged, miss-guided or were provided with old technology. Only few were in good hands, so we started helping the troubled one's, with small and ad-hoc tasks.
What we never realised was the surge of work that was coming due to these happy clients !
Well...that really inspired us to spread more branches of Econoxy Solutions :)

and here we are today, still growing...     and the credit for our growth, goes to our clients !

our mission

To provide honest and latest solutions & services to ensure the growth of our clients.

our vision

To build a HONEST company for the people, by the people.

why us ?

It takes years to build a reputation and minutes to ruin it !

We understand the value of “trust” and thus work with perseverance to sustain that faith.

Econoxy is similar to Economy, with difference of x-factor

this x-factor encourages us to shift our focus from money towards something better !